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October 27, 2011

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There are lots of companies that make really good products for helping you cope with your child's ADHD.

Let us know if you find anything that really works well for you and I'll put your recomendation on our website.



Welcome to Alpha Delta Delta

An International Fraternity in support of those with ADD


Alpha Delta Delta was created to assist in reversing the

negative social stigmas surrounding ADD.



Here you will find a Fraternity/Sorority line of clothing that helps those with ADD or ADHD take pride in themselves, and lets them know that they belong to an extraordinary group of individuals. This world would not be the same without them. These people exhibited many of the symptoms associated with ADD, and as a result, undoubtedly suffered like many of us until they developed coping strategies that allowed them to not only succeed in society, but do many fantastic things that people without ADD could never have done. When we associate ourselves with these people we are saying to ourselves, and to the world:


It is not in spite of having ADD that we have achieved great things--it is because of it. Alpha Delta Deltas are not content with things as they are, and often can see things as they could be, or should be. For most people trying to fit in is a full time job. For us, thinking outside the box is what makes us happy. It is the thrill of non-conformity that leads us to the road less travelled. It is because of ADD, that we can see anything is truly possible.



Whether you or someone you love has ADD,

you are welcome here.








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