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Online and local support groups for people struggling with ADD or ADHD.



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October 27, 2011

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Other ADHD Offerings:

There are lots of companies that make really good products for helping you cope with your child's ADHD.

Let us know if you find anything that really works well for you and I'll put your recomendation on our website.


Keep this list up to date.

I need your help.

We are adding to this list when we hear of an actual existing group. Too often groups are advertised, then after a few weeks with no success, they are abandoned, so just doing a google search won't get you good results. That unfortunatelly goes for this page as well. If a group gets posted here, they will often not tell me when they disband, so if you know of a group on this page that is no longer meeting, please let me know.

Other resources:

Other ADHD Help(h3)

Online Support

Places you can go for help


You can do a google search for other online support groups, but these I have been to and they were always helpful and encouraging.


Physical Groups

Need to surround yourself with other parents?

Local CHADD chapters


These groups start and stop fairly frequently as it is often frustrating to put all the energy into putting a group together and then having nobody show up. If you have a group and would like me to post it here, I will be more than happy to create an interactve map of the locations so others can find it too.




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